About Us.
Group of strategists who are dedicated to exceeding expectations!
Who We Are
Its all started from a university project in 2016 when Zeeshan (Founder of AWISPO) was doing his final year’s project of Digital Marketing in his BBA degree program. Where he participated in Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) by launching his own company and Google gave $250 to run his campaigns, and after running a successful campaign for his own company where Google awarded him $250 to run his campaigns. After running successfully… he never looked back. He continued his company as a side business while in his MBA program. He had the fortunate chance to introduce AWISPO worldwide through different Projects of AIESEC in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada and the USA.

Now AWISPO is a part of many projects where companies and it is always part of many ventures, it is the sister concern company of Supersoft technology rely on our great services in order to promote their businesses and get more customers. This journey was never easy but our consistency rewarded timely.
What We Do
What We Do?
Our Mission, Vision, and Values might convince you!
The mission of AWISPO is to provide high-quality and professional digital marketing and IT solutions to clients to increase their online market presence, digital marketing capacity, and overall business marketing capabilities.
The vision of AWISPO is to become an international leader in digital marketing and IT solutions for clients globally.
Our core value is to cater to businesses like our own business and to provide an experience that you never had before.

Digital Marketing Services

We have experienced professionals for each domain, they have worked with top-notch companies before joining AWISPO.


Our CEO Zee has worked all around the world with different Multi-Nationals and with experience working with all different industries creating impactful marketing campaigns.

Domain and Hosting

We will help you in setting up your business online and we will provide all possible support!

IT Services

We provide complete IT solutions that includes; Domain & hosting, logo & card designing, website design and development and any other special required software as well.

Taking Care of Business

If you are looking for IT-related services then contact us below and we will provide you best possible solutions!

Creative and Results Oriented

If you are looking for marketing-related services then contact us below and we will provide you best possible outcomes!

Best starter packages to get started

If you are looking for Domain and Hosting-related services then contact us below and we will provide you best possible consultancy!

Does Outsourcing Make Sense?
Absolutely! Nowadays companies are shifting their workload through outsourcing as it is cost-effective and quick! Companies don’t have to train people and pay them salary etc… They can simply hire professionals to get the job done!

In 2020, most companies preferred outsourcing and this number is increasing in 2021 as well!


Marketing & Branding Service


Information Technology Service


Domain and Hosting Services


Meet Our Team

As technology has advanced, it has become clear that designers must consider the
needs of all users across many platforms in different contexts.
Syed Zeeshan Ahmed

Syed Zeeshan Ahmed

Project Manager

Zeeshan is an MBA in marketing with an international working experience all around the world.

Michelle Foy

Michelle Foy

HR Manager

Michelle has a corporate experience of more than 20 years and She was the former VP of HR in Bank of America.

Abdul Qadir

Abdul Qadir

IT Manager

Qadir has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry! His expertise are in react development!